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Healthy Baker Inc., is a 501c3 nonprofit organization in partnership with various community representatives. The Goal of this website is to stay connected with the community and encouraging them to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

Great American Smokeout November 19

Get ready to lose the habit, and become victorious over tobacco. The American Cancer Society Great American Smokeout event is your chance to triumph over addiction. Every November, we set aside the third Thursday to encourage smokers to go the distance, and to finally give up smoking.
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American Diabetes Month

The vision of the American Diabetes Association is a life free of diabetes and all of its burdens. Raising awareness of this ever-growing disease is one of the main efforts behind the mission of the Association. American Diabetes Month® (ADM) is an important element in this effort, with programs designed to focus the nation's attention on the issues surrounding diabetes and the many people who are impacted by the disease.

National Epilepsy Awareness Month

More than two-thirds of people with epilepsy live with little or no seizure control or poor quality of life. For many of these people, there are more options! If you are still having seizures, here are some steps to take to #DareTo Go the Distance toward greater seizure control.
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National Hospice Month

Considered to be the model for quality, compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness or injury, hospice care involves a team-oriented approach to expert medical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support expressly tailored to the patient's needs and wishes. Support is provided to the patient's loved ones as well.

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

The Alzheimer’s Association works on a global, national and local level to enhance care and support for all those affected by Alzheimer’s and other dementias. We are here to help.
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Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month

Learn about the pancreas and pancreatic cancer. Follow the links below for information on many topics related to pancreatic cancer. This information is maintained by the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and you can get your questions answered by a compassionate, highly trained Patient Central Associate.
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Fall into Health 

Healthiest Weight Helps Residents Fall into Health

Tallahassee, Fla. – This September, Healthiest Weight Florida is bringing back Fall into Healthy Habits, a campaign aimed at making healthy choices the easy choices during the fall season.
“Fall brings new opportunities for outdoor activity and “Fresh from Florida” seasonal produce,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong. “The Fall into Healthy Habits campaign is a great resource for children, adults and families to enjoy this beautiful season in a healthier way.”
The Fall into Healthy Habits website offers printable materials to encourage outdoor activities like gardening, geocaching and camping. In addition, the materials put a healthy spin on seasonal favorites like trick-or-treating and tailgating.
Creating lasting healthy habits, especially eating habits, can begin with small changes for the fall. To make these healthy actions long-term habits, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends an approach in which you Reflect, Replace and Reinforce:
  • Reflect on all of your eating habits, both bad and good, and your common triggers for unhealthy eating;
  • Replace your unhealthy eating habits with healthier ones; and
  • Reinforce your new, healthier eating habits.
For more healthy tips this fall and beyond, sign up to receive weekly emails from the Healthiest Weight team.

About the Florida Department of Health The department works to protect, promote and improve the health of all people in Florida through integrated state, county and community efforts. Follow us on Twitter at @HealthyFla and on Facebook. For more information about the Florida Department of Health please visit
About Healthiest Weight Florida
Healthiest Weight Florida is a public-private collaboration bringing together state agencies, not-for-profit organizations, businesses and entire communities to help Florida's children and adults make consistent, informed choices about healthy eating and active living. To learn more about how to be active and make nutritious food choices, visit
“5 to Drive” 

Protecting Your Teens: Talk About Safe Driving
  • Remember the “5 to Drive

Tallahassee, Fla. – The Florida Department of Health is raising awareness about National Teen Driver Safety Week during the week of Oct. 18-24. This annual designation by Congress emphasizes the importance of safe teen driver and passenger behavior. This year’s theme, “5 to Drive,” highlights key safety messages for drivers. In 2014, Florida teens were involved in 38,795 driver crashes.
"Parents should talk with their teens reaching driving age about driver and passenger safety,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong. “We can prevent tragedies by reinforcing safe driving habits that keep all Florida residents and visitors safe on our roadways.”

“Teens represent eight percent of all drivers in crashes, and in Florida last year, 71 teen drivers were killed,” said Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Executive Director Terry L. Rhodes. “Teens are impressionable drivers, and parents can play a large role in decreasing preventable crashes by setting a positive example for safe driving.”

“National Teen Driver Safety Week is an opportunity to raise awareness about safe driving behavior among our young drivers,” said Florida Department of Transportation Secretary Jim Boxold. “Florida is the third largest state in the nation and safety is a priority on our roadways as more people move to our state. FDOT is proud to support this national event and encourages our teenagers to develop good habits when they drive.”

Remember the “5 to Drive” before getting behind the wheel:

  1. No drinking and driving;
  2. Buckle up. Every trip. Every time. Front seat and back;
  3. Put it down. One text or call can wreck it all;
  4. Stop speeding before it stops you; and
  5. No more than one passenger at any time.

It is important for parents and guardians to remember that they are the biggest influence on your teens’ habits behind the wheel. All residents should take the time to model good driving practices when on the road with friends and family. Surveys show teens whose parents impose driving restrictions typically engage in less risky driving and are involved in fewer crashes.

For more information about National Teen Driver Safety Week, check out this public service announcement. Parents can also visit to learn more about how to talk to their children about car safety.
Food Safety 


Food traditionally plays a large role in holiday festivities. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, the Florida Department of Health is encouraging Floridians to keep safe food preparation and handling practices in mind.
“As you make plans to enjoy Thanksgiving with family and friends, be sure to focus on preparations for healthy eating,” said State Surgeon General and Secretary of Health Dr. John Armstrong. “Safe food handling and Fresh from Florida fruits and vegetables are essential ingredients for a healthy holiday.”

The department recommends the following for reducing the chances of food contamination.

Clean. Wash hands, utensils and surfaces before and after food preparation, especially after preparing meat, poultry, eggs or seafood. Be sure to keep all countertops and work areas clean with hot, soapy water;
Cook to Proper Temperature. Read the cooking directions on packaging before preparing. The safest thawing method is in the refrigerator at 40 degrees. Make sure the food is cooked at the proper internal temperature and check for doneness with a food thermometer;
Chill – Refrigerate Properly. Refrigerate or freeze perishables, prepared food and leftovers within two hours. Make sure the refrigerator is set at no higher than 40 degrees and the freezer is set at 0 degrees; and
Separate – Don’t cross contaminate. Keepraw meats, poultry, eggs and seafood and their juices away from ready to eat food. It is recommended that leftovers be heated to 165 degrees.
For more information on how to keep your family safe from foodborne-illness this holiday season, visit
  • Resources

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Parents helping parents: A support group for care givers of children 3 and younger is available at the Baker County Health Department, please call for more information. 904-259-6291 ext. 2255.

Baker County Health Department Abstinence Program

The Abstinence program at the Health Department, “Cool: Changing Our Own Lives”, is available to teach abstinence to 11-17 year olds. If your organization is interested in receiving these rewarding, interactive and informational sessions, contact the Health Education Department at 259-6291 ext. 2248.

Tobacco Cessation Classes

Classes will be held once a week beginning on Tuesday, November 10, 2015 through December 15, 2015 from 5:30 pm-6:30 pm. The class is free and is for anyone who is trying to quit using any form of tobacco products. Participants will be eligible to receive free Nicotine Replacement Therapy-patches, lozenges or gum. Please feel free to pass along the flyer to anyone interested in participating. Participants can register for the class by calling 904-482-0189.

Parenting Class

Classes are available for the parents of teens to learn how to talk to their teens about sex, drugs and dating, teen anger, positive life choices, empowering teens to build assets, transitions in adolescence and more. If you would like information about setting up a class with your organization, contact the Health Education Department at 259-6291 ext. 2248

CPR/First Aid

The Baker CHD offers CPR/First Aid classes through the American Safety and Health Institute. Classes are $45.00 for both and are offered each month for individual or businesses. Please call 259-6291 ext. 2353 to register.